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me-recent-25pcI’m Sam Flint a new writer of crime thrillers. I’m also SM Flint new writer of adult romances. I could have created two different sites but I won’t insult your intelligence by pretending to be two different people. You can find your preferred reading via the links above.

If there is any common theme between my action stories and my adult romances it is that in both the characters are ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. So no ex-SAS heroes trying to live in a world that just does not understand them; and no tragically flawed billionaires learning to love again. Those gigs are pretty much sewn up anyway. But what about that stranger you see on the tube who gives off a sense of being more alive than the other passengers? Or the unremarkable person who is struggling and succeeding in situations they never thought they could cope with. Those are the people I want to write about in either genre.

Friends who have read both types of story have been surprised at the contrast. `You’re all guns and roses mate’ was one off hand comment. Another reader said of the vivid scenes in the adult romances `It’s all very Mills and Bone’. I’m not unhappy with either of these descriptions… but judge for yourself. There are links to free samples of my books as they are published.

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