This photo is from my Harry Potter audition. Sadly they were looking for someone…taller. I guess at this point I should also fess up that Sam Flint is a pen name to allow me to say what I want without relatives getting judged by association. (You’ve got to love that Facebook!). I’ve been writing for a couple of years, but before that I worked in IT in the public and private sectors. I was a keen walker and motorcyclist until a chance meeting with a drunk driver almost put and end to that and everything else. My recuperation from a broken leg was complicated by a post operative infection and there was a point where it looked like all my footwear purchases might be solved by just nicking the display shoe from the rack. Thankfully I am still a biped.

It was during those grim days that I started writing stories with happy endings as a counterpoint to my unpromising one. The writing bug has replaced the infection in my leg and I hope it stays like that. The writing has moved on and now it is about people getting what they deserve.

By the time anyone other than my mum is reading this I hope to have come up with a clever ending but lets just leave it like this for the moment. If you are looking for clever endings read the books. (See what I did there.)

Thanks for stopping by.

Sam Flint.