For what must be the world’s biggest publisher by value, quantity and every other metric there is one area where Kindle is surprisingly sparse in its advice to authors. While there are endless screens on how to buy marketing services for your books , their editorial guidelines are very thin. This is what they currently say

Kindle Direct Publishing Content Guidelines

Amazon are happy to sell and profit from books in the erotica category but when you try to publish and fall foul of these loose criteria your book gets blocked.  They will give you no answer to your question why. `Its pornography if we say it is’ is their default argument.  I have pulled two stories from two collections of short stories because in both the people involved are under the age of consent. In neither story are the young people abused by either each other or  any adults but that point seems to have been lost by the censors.

Although teenage pregnancies in the UK have dropped dramatically over the last ten years the UK still leads the the advanced Western European countries in this area, so prohibiting people from writing about young people having sex does not seem to prevent them doing it.

The two stories deal with how the young people involved try to make sense of a confusing subject. If you want to read them please enter your email address and the password you will find on the page of the Kindle version you came  from. The Kindle versions are only for sale to over eighteens  I am making use of Amazon’s safeguarding process in making these stories available to those who have already purchased the ebook or print version.


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