What I’m working on now

This page will be updated occasionally with news about what I am writing about.

January 2016

In production mode trying to update this website with a new theme and publish the back catalogue on Createspace. All this content management is giving me flashbacks to my old job but I should finish before I resign or sack myself, whichever comes first.

In terms of new work I have a first draft of a techno thriller on human cloning. I’m pitching it into the Michael Crichton meets Tom Clancy space. You can expect to pick it up at the airport bookstore for your holiday reading in Summer 2017. Or see the movie with Tom Cruise in the lead and Ridley Scott directing in early 2018. (A man can dream can’t he?).

At the ideas stage is a story about a woman who discovers secrets about her recently deceased husband just as her Alzheimer’s kicks in. Are her disappearing memories  lies, does she want to make discoveries about his other life? Not sure which genre this one will be in.

In the summer I’ll be picking up my free short story The Box and seeing if it has the legs for a full novel. I’ve been looking for a character to build an adventure series around and young Alex might be the man. What do you think?

Finally I am collecting ideas for a fourth volume of the Awakenings Series.

Good job I don’t have a real job anymore!