Not Another Cuckold Story

Divorce did not change Gary Holton’s life until two years in, when his ex-wife Sarah met someone new, disrupting the amicable relationship they’d built for the sake of their kids. Distraught from the realization his former life was truly over, Gary takes off in his camper van and ends up in a country park he’d last visited in better times.

He is befriended by Martin and Katie Armitage, a couple who his kids adored when they were little, before they lost contact. Gary’s happy weekend reunion takes an unexpected turn when Katie, who he’d always admired, spends the night with him. A remorseful Gary apologizes to Martin and is surprised when he is not angry. When Martin explains why and what he wants Gary to do, he is speechless.

Can a dying man engineer who his wife falls in love with? How can three people deal with tragedy with compassion, irrespective of what society deems appropriate?

Discover how Gary and Katie make the time Martin has left, wonderful.

Available: November 2021 (TBC)