Ride of my Life

When motorcyclist James Sleaman rescues a biker couple who have run out of petrol, he walks straight into the middle of their failing reconciliation. Although keen to get away after he’s helped them, James has to intervene when the husband Richard almost crashes into an unseen hazard. His wife Sheila makes him apologise to James for putting his life at risk to save them and insists they buy him dinner to say thank you. Serial adulterer Richard does not fuss when says Sheila wants to sleep with James, who is reluctant, despite his obvious attraction to her. But Sheila is very persuasive and gives him a sexual experience he will never forget. A drunken Richard assaults his wife and James has to intervene again to stop the couple from destroying one another. 

James knows his feelings for Shelia are long past the good Samaritan stage and he’s trapped until she is ready to release him. How can such a passionate relationship also be an utter nightmare?

Read if James can survive the ride of his life.

Available: December 2021 (TBC)