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The story behind Wedding day Revenge Goes Awry

This story comes from several sources. None of them very complimentary about weddings. I have actually been to a wedding where when the vicar got to that bit in the service, and a jilted ex boyfriend who’d snuck into the church, said from the end of the isle, “Sally, you don’t have to do this. We can work it out.” The congregation thought it was a joke, and he was drunk. Sadly, he wasn’t.

At another wedding, the best man and chief bridesmaid were shagging so loudly in the toilet, their partners came to investigate. Classy people.

The best though is a folklore story of a wedding guest going back to her room for a lie down before the evening disco and taking a wrong turn, ending up in a room where an orgy is in progress. The men let her keep her hat on.

I let this unsavoury cocktail of bad behaviour simmer for a while, and Wedding day Revenge Goes Awry was the result. It was nice to have an older female protagonist taking charge of her life.

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