Humanity 2.0

If you discovered the secret to eternal life would you share it with a world like this one?

How would you get your miracle into the hands of the poor and needy when the rich and greedy will do anything to stop you?

The story of Humanity 2.0 will appeal to fans of  Michael Crichton and Tom Clancy.

In the year 2041 Cambridge neuroscientist Adam Masters makes a breakthrough that could change the course of human history. His discovery seems to be a curse until he makes contact with his old friend Harry Chang whose own pioneering work in genetic engineering has been manipulated for sinister ends. Together their discoveries represent the chance for humanity to start again. But in a world of geopolitical turmoil how can they prevent their aims from being manipulated by power brokers who want the future to play out on their terms?

Join Adam and Harry as they embark on a confidence trick of epic proportions to rewrite the future of humanity.

Humanity 2.0: Are you ready for the reboot?