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My very cottage writing process. A story starts as a set of ideas. They are developed in whatever tool is closest to hand. I step back and create an outline. Then the story starts. I might iterate through this process several times before the story is finished.

What this blog is about?

Hi there.

This blog will deal with three themes. 

Stories behind the story. 

I like to understand where writers get their ideas from. Not to copy the idea, but to see where their process may lead me. This will be an occasional series of posts on what inspired me to create a particular story. Sometimes I’ll share my research and links to other sources. If you benefit from this, please pay it forward. We can all do with better ideas.

My struggles with authorpreneurship

A quick definition.

“Apart from crafting words or images for specific audiences, ‘authorpreneurship‘ means learning the marketing, publicity, and technological, legal and entrepreneurial skills to establish and maintain creative self-employment in the business of ideas.”

So, it is a thing, and to get any traction as a self-published author (readers, success, fame, money etc), it’s the thing you need to do on top of your writing these days. I’ve benefitted from the experiences of other authors further along this journey so, I’ll add mine to the conversation; for what they are worth. Just to say, I’m starting from zero sales and readers, so it will be authorpreneurship 101, just in case you were expecting any ninja level self publishing tips. There are far more experienced people out there who can give you that stuff. 

Random, vaguely writing related stuff I need to get off my chest

Many of these posts will be strangled at birth, but just in case there is an idea where I have my two cents’ worth and want to hear yours, I’ll push it over the precipice.