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It is difficult to give a digital publication away on the major publishing platforms because they are not charities and they want to earn from the author’s labour, even if authors are prepared to forego income to build brand awareness. They all have their limited promotional windows, in Amazon’s case, just five free public days for 90 days locked into KDP select. If you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, the book is free for the whole 90 days. The other platforms are more generous to non- subscribers, but are less well known. The Bedtime Stories Collection will appear on Apple books, Kobo, Nook and the others afterwards. Future newsletters will keep you update on my free offers.

I want to make many of my books permanently free, but it is a long-winded process. You have to make it free on one site and tell the others about it so they match the price. They would sooner lose money than lose your custom.

I’m doing this for my short stories to build awareness of my author brand and give you the opportunity to try before you buy one of my novels. That’s the plan, anyway.

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